The benefits of our brilliant bills scheme.

We are now proud to announce that we now have almost 100% of our landlord on board with our 'brilliant bills' scheme. 

Having bills included as part of a package payment allows you to budget much better during your stay with us, and it does away with the stress of not having those pesky unknown cost looming above your head - which lets face it, always come at a bad time! 


Our brilliant bills scheme takes away the hassle of arranging various contracts and comparing prices, leaving you with more time for lectures, uni work, your job and just well, being a student.

Over the years we have made friends with many of our tenants, and here's what we've learnt from them:

What did they always struggle with? Yes, you guessed it, bills!

No need to bicker over whose not paying their fair share, no need to transfer money to your flat mates or open joint accounts... Just one simple payment of £350.00 and you're covered for gas, water, internet and electricity!*

How it Works

It's quite simple really, each tenant pays a Energy contribution of £350.00 - the Landlord will then match this contribution you have made, bringing your allowance to £700.00 (per individual tenant).

This will cover the cost of

- Gas

- Water

- Electricity and;

- Internet (internet is not inclusive in all properties - please see property listing on this website for clarity)

*'Brilliant bills scheme' is available on 99% of the properties which we market. Please ask for further details on which are not included in the scheme.

** Please note, that a fair use policy does apply with our brilliant bills Scheme. See below:

Upon expiration of this tenancy agreement, meter reads for gas, water and electricity will be taken by the Landlord’s agent as well as the cost of internet. Any services which exceed the Tenant’s and Landlord’s combined contribution will pay payable equally by the Tenants.