What if my plans change and i am unable to move into the property

If you decide not to take the property and have not yet signed a tenancy agreement then you would lose your adminstration fee and the holding deposit that you have already paid ( click here for more information on your holding deposit). If you have signed a tenancy agreement then you would have to find a suitable replacement for your flat/room and you would be responsible for any rent payments until a replacement is found. YOU MUST NOTIFY US AS SOON AS POSSIBLE Tenant re-assignement fee's can be found on the 'our fees' page

What if i just walk away?

Walking away or posting the keys through the letterbox is called ‘abandonment’ and will not end your agreement. Your agreement will continue even though you’ve left and we can continue to charge you rent, so you’re likely to build up rent arrears: if your agreement is fixed term, you can be charged rent until the term ends if your agreement is periodic, you can be held liable until the agreement could have been ended by giving proper notice. We can apply for a court order to make you pay what you owe. The court will decide whether you should have to pay the money or not. If we have managed to let out the property you will only be liable for rent up to the date that the new tenant moved in and started paying rent.

Can i find a replacement tenant

This may be possible if you have no choice but to leave early and want to avoid paying rent on more than one home. We will also make efforts to find a replacement tenant. However, you have to get our approval for the person you suggest to move into the property. They will need to pass credit referening, provide all documentation requested by us, pay a deposit and sign a tenancy agreement.