Here is a quick guide we have put together for moving into your new accommodation during COVID-19. To move into your new accommodation during the COVID-19 outbreak you need to know about the ‘new rules’ to make sure you do so safely. This guide will help you understand what you need to do, and what anyone else involved in your move will need to do to provide a safe environment for everyone. For example this includes us as your letting agent and/or a friend or family member helping you move your belongings in, 

This guidance, produced by the property industry, is aligned with the UK Government’s COVID-19 recovery strategy and the Government advice on home moving during the covid-19 outbreak. 

It is very important to note that no guidance can cover every scenario, especially as the current situation is evolving, so please ensure you take a pragmatic, common-sense approach to moving home during this time.  

Things to consider for your move

You can reduce moving day stress by preparing beforehand. Some removal services would normally offer packing services but these will be limited for now. However, boxes and packing equipment can still be supplied. Your property will have been cleaned so you do not need to worry about cleaning.

Before moving day:

  1. If you need to send money to your agent check whether your bank account has any limit on the amount you can send via your online banking. If you arrange the payments in advance you can avoid a visit to your bank. Be alert to fraudsters – they look for signs you might be sending money so avoid posting on social media that you are moving.
  2. Self-pack miscellaneous and non-breakable items wherever possible (ask your removal company what boxes and other materials they will supply and to itemise any associated costs).
  3. Where possible, please clean your belongings, with standard domestic cleaning products before they are handled by others, including removal firms.

Try to have everything packed and ready the night before your move.

On moving day,

  1. Where possible, if you haven’t already, please clean your belongings, with standard domestic cleaning products before they are handled by others, including removal firms
  2. Clean down hard surfaces with warm soapy water and then disinfect these surfaces with household disinfectant.
  3. Wash your hands regularly, use paper towels to dry them and/or your own hand sanitiser
  4. Ensure you know how to get to the property, if you are driving there make sure you have pre-arranged a time for key collection.

Remember - any keys handed over need to be sanitised by using hand sanitisers, or via disinfectant wipes. We can post out keys to you to avoid you having to come into our office. Please ensure all rent and documents are up to date as we will not post or hand out keys if these are outstanding.

We hope this was a helpful guide, if you have any questions, please feel free to drop an email to and a member of the team will get back to you at their earliest convenience.

Thank you.

Before you move

Do your really need to meet in person? For the foreseeable future everyone needs to look for easy alternatives to physical meetings wherever possible so use, telephone contact, email and video-conferencing tools - whatever suits you best.

We can post your keys to your home address so that on the day of your move you do not need to come into our offices.

If you do need to see us, wash your hands before and after with soap and water, dry them thoroughly, ideally with paper towels, and abide by the 2m (about 2 large strides) social distancing guidelines and wear a mask wherever possible.

If you still need to sign documents and provide ID, this is all done electronically so there is no need for face to face contact.