EMERGENCY CONTACT: Our office's are open Monday - Friday 9am to 5pm, if you have an emergency that can not be dealt with during these hours please contact Regent Security on 0845 371 0101 and quote 70870 as your reference number.


Please remember to use this as an EMERGENCY only. Any calls not deemed an emergency will be charged at £45.00 per call out and £30 per additional hour spent on site which is payable by the tenant.

To avoid the cost of a call out being charged to you - click here to see what is and isn't classed as an emergency


- Emergency Services: 999

- Police- Non Emergency: 0116 222 2222 OR 101

- Transco - Gas Emergency: 0800 111 999

- Severn Trent Water: 0800 783 4444

How do i ensure safe cooking practices?

- Do not leave cooking unattended. Cooker fires are the most common cause of fires. - The use of chip pans is strictly prohibited. - Please make sure all cooking appliances are turned off after use.

What do I do if I can smell gas?

- DO NOT Turn the electrical switches on or off - DO NOT Smoke - DO NOT Use naked flames - DO Turn the gas supply off at the meter - DO Open all doors and windows - DO Call Transco Gas immediately (0800 111 999)

What happens if I misuse the fire equipment?

It is an offence to tamper with any fire equipment including the fire alarm system and fire extinguishers. An automatic fine of £125 will be charged for any incident involving the misuse of fire equipment plus the cost of putting the damage right

What should I do if there is a power failure?

- Ensure that all electrical equipment is turned off, especially heating and cooking appliances which may become dangerous when the supply is restored. - Use a torch in preference to candles. - Check that all of the trip switches are still on. If one has tripped, try resetting it, if it trips again or fails to reset, contact our office - Where all power is out in the neighbourhood, call Western Power Distribution on 0800 056 8090.