Can i put my belongings in the property over summer?

As long as you have a tenancy that starts in the summer with a half rent period then you can leave your belongings in the property. However, If belongings are left over the summer we will be unable to carry out any maintenance work or cleaning that needs doing. It will be your responsibilty to clean the room when you arrive (and when you move out). Maintenance will be carried out on a priority basis when you do finally move in You will need to collect the keys from our office during our opening hours (provided that you have handed in all relevant documents- see below) and return them the same day no later than 3pm.

When can i move in?

This will be detailed on your tenancy agreement. You can move in from when you start paying full rent for the property. Please contact us if you are unsure.

Do I need to bring anything with me when I come to move in?

When collecting your keys, you will need to bring photographic I.D. with you. You also need to ensure that you have returned all of the relevant documents. Keys cannot be issued and you will not be able to move into your accommodation or move belongings in during the summer if: YOU HAVE NOT PAID YOUR FULL DEPOSIT YOU HAVE NOT SIGNED AND RETURNED YOUR TENANCY AGREEMENT YOU HAVE NOT PROVIDED A SIGNED PRESCRIBED INFORMATION YOU HAVE NOT SET UP YOUR GO CARDLESS (DIRECT DEBIT) PAYMENT METHOD YOU HAVE NOT PROVIDED A VALID COUNCIL TAX FORM OR CERTIFICATE TO US YOU HAVE NOT PROVIDED A COMPLETE GUARANTOR MANDATE YOU HAVE NOT PROVIDED AN ACCEPTABLE ID FOR YOU AND YOUR GUARANTOR ANY RENT PAYMENTS ARE OUTSTANDING WHERE APPLICABLE ENERGY PAYMENTS HAVE NOT BEEN PAID If you are unsure about any of these items, please contact us immediately

Collecting my keys

You will need to collect your keys from our office. This will need to be during our office opening hours. You will need to book yourself in for a key collection atleast 7 days before ollecting your keys - Just so we can make sure we have recieved all documentation to allow us to give you your keys. If you can't collect your keys during our office hours - It is possible for somebody to collect the keys on your behalf. You must ensure that you send us an email giving your permission for the person to collect the keys and provide the name. The person will need to bring photo identification with them.

Do i need a TV licence?

If you are provided with a TV or you bring your own and you want to watch TV channels then you will need to purchase a license. If you are simply using it for gaming, streaming or watching DVDs then a license is not required.

I have a maintenance issue, how do i report this?

click here to report your maintenance. Please ensure you have read our maintenance guide to avoid any charges being passed over to you.

Do i need contents insurance?

You should always insure your belongings, especially expensive items like laptops, tablets and phones.

Do i get an inventory form?

Yes, you will recieve an inventory for your flat/room and, if you are the first tenant to move in, you will also be given an inventory for communal areas of your accommodation. Please check both carefully and return to tour office within 24 hours of moving in. (NB Late inventories cannot be used as a valid statement of the condition of your accommodation)

What if my plans have changed and i am unable to move into the property?

If you decide not to take the property and have not yet signed a tenancy agreement then you would lose your adminstration fee and the holding deposit that you have already paid ( click here for more information on your holding deposit). If you have signed a tenancy agreement then you would have to find a suitable replacement for your flat/room and you would be responsible for any rent payments until a replacement is found. YOU MUST NOTIFY US AS SOON AS POSSIBLE Tenant re-assignement fee's can be found on the 'our fees' page

Do I have to allow access to the Property?

We or someone working on our behalf has the right to view the property to assess its condition and to carry out necessary repairs, maintenance or viewings at reasonable times of the day. The law says that a landlord or agent must give the tenant at least 24 hours prior notice of any visits in writing. The Tenant may allow us to enter the property sooner to carry out work or an inspection, however we will only do this if agreed verbally with a Tenant that gaining access is acceptable to them. We or your landlord may gain access to the property in an emergency with no warning.