What are my responsibilities at the end of my tenancy?

Shortly before your tenancy is due to end, you will receive a letter by email and in some instances to your property, explaining what you need to do before you move out. Included in there will be a sheet titled ‘End of tenancy responsibilities’ and this details how the property must be left. To view a copy now click here

My flat mates aren't helping to clean the flat for check out

My flatmate didn’t help to clean the kitchen. What do I do? Discuss the cleaning with your flatmates and work out an agreed time for cleaning before you all check out so that the work is divided fairly between you. If the flat hasn’t been cleaned to a certain standard when we complete the check-out inspection then we will make appropriate charges which will apply to everyone in the flat. This includes emptying cupboards and the fridge/freezer. Anything that is left in the fridge/freezer and cupboards once the whole flat has checked out will be removed and a charge may apply.

Will i be charged for damage?

We do charge for damages, so be sure to look after the property when you're living in it! If you live in a studio or apartment the person named on the tenancy will be charged for damages. If you live in a cluster flat (or dual occupancy studio/apartment) and the person responsible for causing the damage is willing to take full responsibility then we will only charge that person. If no one accepts the responsibility for damages in a communal area then the charge will be split between everyone in the flat. If this happens, you can discuss this further with a member of our team.

Can i leave things in my flat if i have rebooked for next year?

Yes, however only if you have a valid tenancy and are paying your summer rent. You must return your keys to us by the end of your previous tenancy and collect your keys back off of us once your summer rent period is over. IMPORTANT: You cannot keep the keys over the summer period unless you are paying full rent over the summer. we will accept no liabilty for any items which have been left in the property ans we wont carry out any maintenance or cleaning during the summer period.

Can i extend my stay?

This depends on whether someone has signed a contract the room/flat for the next academic year. You need to contact us as early as possible if you wish to extend your stay, otherwise you are expected to vacate at 12 noon on the last day of your contract. Late vacate charges will apply.

Where do i return my key

If you are leaving during office hours, then you will need to return the keys to our office. If you plan to return your keys at a time when our office is closed then you will need to ensure you that they are posted in our letter box. This is located to the rear of our office. The keys will need to be put in an envelope which clearly states your full name, building name, flat and room number (Not labelling your keys correctly can result in charges if they are not allocated to you).

What happens if i can't return my keys on time?

If you cannot return your keys on time then please contact us to discuss as we will try to help in any way that we can. If no contact is made and they are not returned on time, then you will be liable to pay a fine for each day they are not returned. In some cases you may be charged for a new lock to be fitted to the property.

I left something in my room, can I come and pick it up?

Unfortunately no, we need to get rooms ready for our next tenants, we cannot allow things to be left in your room after your tenancy end date. You must clear all your belongings from your room, and from any common areas, before 12pm on your check out day. If you don't do this then we will dispose of your belongings without any liability, so please ensure you take everything with you.

How and when will i recieve my deposit refund?

After you move out, we will carry out an inspection in your property. You will then recieve an email from the DPS outlining if we are deducting anything from your deposit. You can request a copy of the inspection if you wish. We aim to do with within 6 weeks after the end date of your tenancy. If you agree with charges you just follow the link in the email to get your deposit back from the DPS.

What happens if i want to leave my flat early?

It is fine to leave the property before the end of the tenancy however you are liable to pay the rent until the end date. If you are in a cluster flat, you may wish to leave the accommodation before your flat/house mates. Where this occurs, you must still ensure that the property is left in a clean and tidy condition even if this means returning to Leicester to check for yourself. Please return your keys as per the instructions above.