Please refer to the below list of Fees/charges which we will apply to your account.


Holding Deposit (Per Person):

£One weeks rent

(NB: This is the fee which we charge to take the apartment/room you have chosen off of the market. This will be credited against your first rent installment. If you chose not to proceed with the tenancy agreement - this holding deposit will not be refunded, 

It is advisable to read our holding deposit policy before you make an initial payment to us to avoid losing any monies paid. please click here for more information on how holding deposits work.)


Other fee's and charges:

- Service Charge - Due on the 1st October (or with the first rent installment if tenancy starts after the 1st October)

- Exceeding 'brilliant bills' fair use policy (cost of additional utilities used) CLICK FOR MORE>>

- Late document return fee - £25

- Late Rent Fee - £35

- Direct Debit Payment - £25

- Cash/Cheque Payment - £5 per payment

- Bounced cheques - £35/bounce

- Call Out (Outside Office Hours) - £45 + cost of keys if necessary

- Call Out (During Office Hours) - £35 + cost of keys if necessary

- Missed Contractor Appointment - cost of call out invoice

- Malicious Damage - cost of repair in full

- Fire Tampering - £125 plus cost of repair/replacement

- Tenancy Assignment (Replacing you with another tenant) - £150

- Tenancy Assignment (If Outgoing Tenant Finds Replacement) - £75

- Cleaning of Individual Rooms - £45 per room (excl Studio's)

- Deposit Deduction Charges - provided during deposit return process (£25 will be deducted as a deposit handling fee)

- Parcel Handling Fee - £30 Per Annum (don't miss another delivery - have all your parcels delivered to our office) 


Please check your individual contract for other charges that may apply.